Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Its that time again! The elder bushes are in flower, so if you would like to make some delicious elderflower cordial (or elderflower wine) look out for flowers near you. I have citric acid in stock. See you soon!

Elderflower Cordial:
20 freshly picked large elderflower heads (shake to remove any insects!)
1.35kg Granulated Sugar
1.7ltrs Boiling Water
3 Washed Lemons
55grms Citric Acid*

Peel the lemons with a potato peeler and squeeze the juice from them. Place in a large pan with the sugar, citric acid and boiling water. Heat over gentle heat to dissolve sugar then remove from heat. Add elderflower heads, if necessary transferring to a sanitised food-grade plastic bin, and cover. Leave for 24 hours. Then strain liquid through muslin or a new J-cloth rinsed in boiling water. Use sanitised jug & funnel to fill sterilised glass or plastic bottles, screw on caps and store in cool place. Cordial can be frozen in plastic bottles but leave space for expansion. Makes approx 2 – 3 pints. Dilute to serve.
*Citric acid reduces cloudiness