Elderflower Cordial

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Here in the eastern Scottish Borders the elder bushes are in flower at last so we hope you will be making some delicious Elderflower Cordial.  Here is a recipe and we can supply the citric acid :

Elderflower Cordial:
20 freshly picked large elderflower heads (shake to remove any insects!)
1.35kg Granulated Sugar
1.7ltrs Boiling Water
3 Washed Lemons
55grms Citric Acid*
Peel the lemons with a potato peeler and squeeze the juice from them. Place in a large pan with the
sugar, citric acid and boiling water. Heat over gentle heat to dissolve sugar then remove from heat.
Add elderflower heads and if necessary transfer to a sanitised food-grade plastic bin and cover.

Leave for 24 hours. Then strain liquid through muslin or a new J-cloth
rinsed in boiling water. Use sanitised jug & funnel to fill sterilised glass or plastic bottles,
screw on caps and store in cool place. Cordial can be frozen in plastic bottles but leave space for
expansion. Makes approx 2 – 3 pints. Dilute to serve.
*Citric acid reduces cloudiness

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